A day out for Toni

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A day out for Toni

with the help of marbet: Thrilling moments at CAVALLUNA PARK

Bursting with pride, 11-year-old Toni, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, directs her wheelchair over the small ramp and into the specially designed car. Her eyes are sparkling, for instead of one of her many medical appointments, she is today going to the Horse Theme Park Munich. Together with the CAVALLUNA PARK Team, we will be escorting and treating her and her family to a very special “Head Up!” day.

Immersing into the world of horses.

From the very first moment, Toni is fascinated as we enter the Horse Theme Park. And not only she. Both big and little are submerged in another world. Everywhere the scent of horses, the sound of hoofs, and this special ambience. We get to know the different breeds of horse, learn where they come from, and meet the one or other four-legged show star in the equestrian spa. And then we’re off to the Shetland Ponies in the cuddly corner, which Toni is especially interested in. Free of all care, they come up to the girl in the wheelchair, saying a curious “Hello”.

The approaching highlight: the EQUILA Show!

We’re all impressed. The EQUILA Theater at the centre of the park thrilled us even on the outside – its architecture is breathtaking. And so the most exciting part of their trip begins for Toni and her family. We enter and steel ourselves for the show. Music, dance, horsemanship, graceful movements between rider and horse – a fairytale story told in brief. And all presented with great love. Here too, the Shetlands light up the faces of Toni and her brother. Instead of the rehearsed show act, they have other things in their minds and make everyone laugh. Towards the end of the show, the horses and actors line up along the edge of the stage. A magical moment, for the horse actors want to be near us and be stroked and snuffle us gently.

After so many moving experiences with these magnificent animals we look forward to the evening’s hospitality at the Munich Mariott Hotel. Our most heartfelt gratitude for the support.

Ambassador of the National Association of Children’s Hospices

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Ambassador of the National Association
of Children’s Hospices

marbet Managing Director Ingo Schwerdtfeger will be the official voice
for children with life-limiting illnesses

“I see it as my personal duty and it is a matter close to my heart, not to let opportunities which are open to me pass by without doing anything, in order to help terminally ill children and their families, as well as to draw attention to their situations and to mobilise active support.”

The National Association of Children’s Hospices is seen as an umbrella organisation for home and institution-based children’s hospice bodies in Germany and is a point of contact for politicians, economists and scientists and a representative for funding agencies.
In Germany there are more than 40,000 families who have a child with a life-limiting illness. For these families, the National Association of Children’s Hospices campaigns to bring them from social marginalisation back into the centre of society and supports them both materially and financially. The work of the National Association of Children’s Hospices is financed almost exclusively by donations.

for the first time marbet is in the top 5 in creative ranking

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for the first time marbet is in the top 5 in creative ranking

Gold and Bronze at the Bea Award at the end of an award-winning year

The successful award year for marbet was rounded off with 14 awards to date from the golden BEA Award for the HottrendsXhibition in the PR/Media event category and the bronze award from the C-HR Berlin Innovation & Creativity Festival in the brand event category.

This successful performance in the 2017 award year, including the Silver Apple at the FAMAB Awards as well as the Gold Award at the Automotive Brand Contest and the Gold Award of Montreux, meant that marbet, after being placed twelfth and seventh in previous years, jumped to fifth in the 2018 Event Creative Ranking and at the same this proves the success of marbet’s strategic redirection in recent years.
Decidedly, an expansion of the specific fields of expertise in live communication forced both strengthening of creative skills, boosted by powerful innovative minds. By doing this marbet gradually established itself to reach its status as a content-driven agency which uses its design skills to win you over. It adapts these skills to meet specific customer requirements and, where necessary, can enrich these with out-of-the-box ideas.

“We are truly thrilled about the success that we have been able to achieve with the creative side, said Creative Director Simon Stahl. “In particular because this is our anniversary year. On the one hand this shows that we have definitely developed from our original basis as a logistics agency and that we are moving in the right direction while systemati-cally expanding our expertise portfolio. Naturally on the other hand, it is also a reward for the entire marbet team, that we have now achieved fifth position in the Creative Ranking and that we can hold our own amongst the leading creative agencies.”

A request for four wheels and all the space in the world

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A request for four wheels and all the space in the world

marbet presented the family of 10 year-old Antonia with a cheque for 15,000 Euro
for a wheelchair accessible car

Toni’s heart’s desire: in the future, to be able to travel in a car together with her parents and her brother. And not only that: continue to meet friends, go to school, discover the world.

What seems to be completely normal at first glance, is not so obvious for Toni and her family. Because 10 year-old Antonia suffers from SMA, a so-called muscle wasting disease, and because of this insidious and incurable illness is confined to a wheelchair. Due to the necessity of having to take this wheelchair on every journey, the standard family car has simply become too small.

Toni’s wish and the related procurement conditions for a wheelchair-accessible car includ-ing ramp and the relevant device for safe transport of the wheelchair, reached us at the end of our anniversary campaign, “20 Jahre WAU” and the continuous support of chil-dren’s hospices which was started as part of this campaign as well as making wishes actually come true for children with life-limiting illnesses.

For this special request from Toni, we held a charity auction as part of our customer event – the “4th marbet golf trophy”. The remarkable thing is that 15,000 Euro was raised.

For the presentation of the cheque, Managing Director Jürgen Wegmann not only provided rooms in the Wald & Schlosshotel in Friedrichsruhe with an exclusive glimpse into the kitchen, but also invited us to an excellent dinner as his guests.

The family has already found the right car. Even if it is not quite Toni’s favourite colour, everyone was very pleased with it and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the promised delivery date before Christmas will be met.

Silver Apple for “HOT TRENDS”

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Silver Apple for “HOT TRENDS”

marbet received the FAMAB AWARD for the Maybelline project

A multi-media total experience with a performance, which involves the viewers, celebrates details and gives the Maybelline brand free space to work: Maybelline New York HOT TRENDS Xhibition 2017, an effective and successful concept, which was recognised with the Silver Apple award at the FAMAB Awards in Ludwigsburg.

The judges were convinced by the compelling communication script, the high level of affinity with the target group and the intensification to the high point: the live event. In addition influencers are systematically engaged in an approachable way and long-lasting interaction with the community is achieved. As a final touch, the judges described the fantastic atmosphere and the medial output in the course of the live event.

“Once again the award from the Hot Trends Xhibition is the successful culmination of a triumphant year of awards”, said marbet Managing Director Ingo Schwerdtfeger. “The fact that our projects have received multiple acknowledgements, in particular the Maybelline Hot Trends Xhibition and the Toyota C-HR Festival, affirms the pioneering essence of our progressive and innovative input, which we follow in our event designs.

“Outstanding” commitment

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“Outstanding” commitment

marbet implements three-pillar concept for responsible behavior

and is recertified as sustainable company

You will not be able to shape the future unless you start thinking of tomorrow today – this is our motto and this is what all our efforts are aimed at. It is the basis of our continuous commitment in the fields social responsibility, ecological thinking and progressive action.

This commitment includes offering trust-based flexible working hours and various home office options, sports courses and the “marbet Academy” with numerous on-the-job training courses for our employees as well as obliging all our cooperation partners to ensure fair wages and working conditions for all their employees and supporting the German children’s hospice association, not only with financial donations, but by fulfilling the children’s wishes and heart’s desires. One of the children at the hospice, Leotrim, who uses a wheelchair, received a birthday gift from us that went well with the Playstation his parents had given him for his birthday: a television set and a PS Plus subscription.

“With our contacts as internationally operating agency, we have a great range of contacts and opportunities that we want to use to help children that have suffered a terrible blow of fate. By fulfilling their heart’s desires, we have the opportunity to personally help individual children instead of just donating money to an anonymous recipient,” explains marbet managing director Ingo Schwerdtfeger.

Not least, we are integrating sustainable activities into our everyday work to lower our consumption of resources and promote carbon neutrality.  Avoiding the use of disposable materials during events and working with local suppliers close to the event location is just as important as climate-friendly hybrid cars in our vehicle fleet or exclusively using FSC-certified and CO2-neutral paper for everything from the business card to the customer flyer.

On our website, we have launched a “COMMITMENT” section. This section contains all our activities and measures in the fields environment, people and employees for which we have again received a certification as “Sustainable Company powered by FAMAB”.

From professionals. For professionals. Unimog Tour 2017

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From professionals. For professionals.

Unimog Tour 2017

marbet took 30 Unimog on a road trip all over Germany

Almost 6000 kilometers, biting cold, icy hail, torrential downpours and searing heat under a relentless sun, accompanied by flying wood chips and loud engine noises – the journey of 30 Unimog and about 50 people across Germany on the 2017 Unimog Tour was just as multi-faceted as the Unimog itself.

Nine stops with different space and size requirements were passed in only five weeks. The main goals were giving people the chance to experience the brand and conveying specialist product expertise.

Throughout the tour, marbet was entrusted with the development of a concept, planning, visualization, project coordination and support for the participating Unimog partners as well as the on-site organization, which was supported by the Unimog crew, drivers and technicians. Every event location had a mixture of specialist demonstration and emotional show in store for the visitors: Interesting presentations from internal and external speakers, which were specifically geared towards the audience’s interests and applications, were accompanied by product demonstrations by equipment manufacturers and the Unimog sales team in the “Arena for Professionals”.

The highlight for most of the around 300 visitors at every stop were the dynamic vehicle presentations where the efficient performance, product advantages and versatile applications of the Unimog as ultimate multi-purpose vehicle were highlighted in impressive demonstrations. In one demonstration, a Unimog expertly crossed an almost 100 % grade mobile ramp.

“What makes this tour so special is its live character and the experience of being really close to the vehicles,” explains Karsten Fuchs, Head of Communication at Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks. “Our mission for this year’s tour was once again exceeding the results of the last tour. The positive feedback from all visitors shows that we succeeded in doing just that together with marbet.”

“We were very happy to again have the opportunity to collaborate with Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks. This confirms their satisfaction with our work in the past,” says marbet managing director Ingo Schwerdtfeger. “We were more than willing to take up the challenge of taking the 2017 tour even further. We again managed to create unforgettable moments and establish the tour as a sustainable product and brand experience with passion, creative ideas, smooth project management and a professional implementation.”


C-HR Festival wins next award

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C-HR Festival wins next award

 marbet wins Automotive Brand Contest in “Event” category

The C-HR Festival – a two-week creativity and innovation festival celebrating the market launch of the new Toyota C-HR – met with an overwhelmingly positive response due to its progressive brand communication concept, which targeted industry-relevant opinion leaders by regarding interdisciplinary input and creative output as constituent elements of the creative design process.

This holistic concept, which had already won the Golden Award of Montreux, received another prize in the “Event” category of the Automotive Brand Contest.
“This new award proves that the innovative approach taken in our strategic preparation, which included both content and room design concepts, hit a nerve in the world of effective and sustained brand communication,” explains Simon Stahl, Creative Director at marbet Düsseldorf.

The Automotive Brand Contest is the only international design competition for automotive brands. It has developed into an important industry event in just a short period of time. With this competition, the German Design Council honors outstanding product and communication design, highlighting the essential importance of brands and brand design in the automotive industry. The competition focuses on the holistic and consistent use of the brand across all media and products.

Duravit celebrates “Your Future Bathroom”

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Duravit celebrates “Your Future Bathroom”


marbet organizes gala event for Duravit’s 200th anniversary celebration

Innovative energy, a feel for plain shapes and an eye for sustainable design – this is what Duravit stands for. On the occasion of its 200th company anniversary, Duravit celebrated together with associates, friends, employees, customers, designers and the founder’s family during a gala dinner, directed by marbet, the experiences specialist for live communication, at the venerable building of Alte Oper Frankfurt.

With a professional grasp of the big picture, an expert’s eye for the details and the right feel for the customer’s needs, the event agency marbet supported the bathroom manufacturer in the conceptual design, strategic implementation, the logistics and coordination of all subcontractors involved to ensure an unforgettable and overwhelming anniversary event.

marbet was entrusted with ensuring a smooth organization, which included the entire management of 1100 guests from 85 countries, the provision of interpreters and stage coaching for young Duravit employees – to name but a few examples.

The evening’s main element was a guiding theme that had been invented specifically for the anniversary: “Your Future Bathroom” was brought to live by Duravit, its associates and employees as well as the founder’s family. The appearances of designer Dieter Sieger, the first designer to launch a design bathroom with Duravit, as well as the humorous contribution of French designer Philippe Starck, who can look back on a long-standing partnership with Duravit, were dedicated to this theme as well. Gregor Reinert, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Duravit AG, talked about the family business Duravit and CEO Dr. Frank Richter looked into the future of bathroom design by Duravit. He also honored Jutta Greinert, the mother of Gregort Reinert, who has supported Duravit in words and deeds and furthered the development of Duravit’s design in the past 50 years.

The evening combined a reflection of the company’s history with a dynamic vision of its future. Just as CEO Dr. Frank Richter had imagined, guests could see and feel for themselves what it means to be a part of this company, for instance in the self-made video messages and text contributions by Duravit’s employees.

The “Schwarzwaldmädels” (Black Forest Girls) in their traditional Black Forest costumes marked the visual connection to the company’s origins and today’s head office in the Black Forest with their stylish reinterpretation of the region’s traditional fashion, which reflected the company’s forward-looking spirit.

The surprise appearance by singer Anastacia was certainly among the evening’s highlights.


Pictures: Duravit

#KeineHalbenSachen Tour

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#KeineHalbenSachen Tour

marbet and Roto organize unparalleled roadshow

A truck that can be transformed into a mobile campus on wheels in no time with a total surface area of more than 70 square meters, featuring a showroom, double slideouts and a roof terrace, almost 200 stops in three years in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic – these are the impressive facts of the #KeineHalbenSachen (“the whole nine yards”) Roadshow that marbet, the specialists for live communication and extraordinary experiences, developed and implemented for the long-established company Roto Dach- und Solartechnologie GmbH.

With the vision of “bringing the skylight for professionals directly to the customers,” the mobile RotoCampus set out on its journey in March and it will continue visiting authorized dealers to present the versatile product range in live demonstrations until 2019.
Visitors can personally see and feel the user friendliness, energy efficiency and quality of Roto roof windows at the various event stations such as the high striker module.

marbet was responsible for developing the concept, coordinating the conversion of the trailer and defining a systematic journey plan in coordination with the local dealers to get this extraordinary show on the road. marbet will further manage the logistic implementation and customer communication over the next three years.

“Handling a three-year roadshow project was a great challenge for us, too, but with strategic planning and great employees, not to mention the great collaboration with Roto, we have been able to truly live up to the tour motto #KeineHalbenSachen,” explains marbet managing director Ingo Schwerdtfeger.

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