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Entertainment // Germany  |  2012-01-31

Gonzo'N'Friends publish album under the marbet Entertainment Label "NX4 Records"

Gonzo'N'Friends is one of the most popular cover bands in Germany in the Amazon download ranking, well ahead of Lady Gaga.

Now the band have published their Cover-CD „Studio”. Fans of the band now even include some of the original artists of the recorded songs. Joachim Witt was, in his own words, „brought to tears” by the Gonzo Version; Purple Schulz said „Well roared Gonzo” and Jule Neigel made Gonzo a "finetuner" due to the successful cover versions.

The thoroughbred musicians recorded the CD, which appears under the marbet Entertainment Label "NX4 Records”under the direction of Grönemeyer producer Stephan Ullmann and Westernhagen keyboard player Harry Schneck.

15 tracks in German and English are available directly from marbet or at and shortly from; and of course also via download in all popular online stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Musicload.