A day out for Toni

with the help of marbet: Thrilling moments at CAVALLUNA PARK

Bursting with pride, 11-year-old Toni, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, directs her wheelchair over the small ramp and into the specially designed car. Her eyes are sparkling, for instead of one of her many medical appointments, she is today going to the Horse Theme Park Munich. Together with the CAVALLUNA PARK Team, we will be escorting and treating her and her family to a very special “Head Up!” day.

Immersing into the world of horses.

From the very first moment, Toni is fascinated as we enter the Horse Theme Park. And not only she. Both big and little are submerged in another world. Everywhere the scent of horses, the sound of hoofs, and this special ambience. We get to know the different breeds of horse, learn where they come from, and meet the one or other four-legged show star in the equestrian spa. And then we’re off to the Shetland Ponies in the cuddly corner, which Toni is especially interested in. Free of all care, they come up to the girl in the wheelchair, saying a curious “Hello”.

The approaching highlight: the EQUILA Show!

We’re all impressed. The EQUILA Theater at the centre of the park thrilled us even on the outside – its architecture is breathtaking. And so the most exciting part of their trip begins for Toni and her family. We enter and steel ourselves for the show. Music, dance, horsemanship, graceful movements between rider and horse – a fairytale story told in brief. And all presented with great love. Here too, the Shetlands light up the faces of Toni and her brother. Instead of the rehearsed show act, they have other things in their minds and make everyone laugh. Towards the end of the show, the horses and actors line up along the edge of the stage. A magical moment, for the horse actors want to be near us and be stroked and snuffle us gently.

After so many moving experiences with these magnificent animals we look forward to the evening’s hospitality at the Munich Mariott Hotel. Our most heartfelt gratitude for the support.