A request for four wheels and all the space in the world

marbet presented the family of 10 year-old Antonia with a cheque for 15,000 Euro
for a wheelchair accessible car

Toni’s heart’s desire: in the future, to be able to travel in a car together with her parents and her brother. And not only that: continue to meet friends, go to school, discover the world.

What seems to be completely normal at first glance, is not so obvious for Toni and her family. Because 10 year-old Antonia suffers from SMA, a so-called muscle wasting disease, and because of this insidious and incurable illness is confined to a wheelchair. Due to the necessity of having to take this wheelchair on every journey, the standard family car has simply become too small.

Toni’s wish and the related procurement conditions for a wheelchair-accessible car includ-ing ramp and the relevant device for safe transport of the wheelchair, reached us at the end of our anniversary campaign, “20 Jahre WAU” and the continuous support of chil-dren’s hospices which was started as part of this campaign as well as making wishes actually come true for children with life-limiting illnesses.

For this special request from Toni, we held a charity auction as part of our customer event – the “4th marbet golf trophy”. The remarkable thing is that 15,000 Euro was raised.

For the presentation of the cheque, Managing Director Jürgen Wegmann not only provided rooms in the Wald & Schlosshotel in Friedrichsruhe with an exclusive glimpse into the kitchen, but also invited us to an excellent dinner as his guests.

The family has already found the right car. Even if it is not quite Toni’s favourite colour, everyone was very pleased with it and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the promised delivery date before Christmas will be met.