C-HR Berlin

Innovation & Creativity Festival

The future is not born of the fear of uncertainty, but the courage to face the challenges of our times.

By unveiling its new SUV coupé, the Coupé High Rider (C-HR), Toyota is targeting new buyer groups. In doing so, the world’s most successful car maker is embarking on an all new, innovative course into strategic branding and communication: Even before the sales launch, a multi stage communication strategy has already addressed influential opinion leaders in the targeted sectors who ultimately opened the doors to the target buyer groups.

The solution: a festival tailored precisely to the heterogeneous needs and interests of the target group.
The performers: unconventional thinkers from all over the world.
The audience: colourful, creative persons eager to learn more, founders, digital pioneers, artists, musicians, designers, and fashionistas.

Welcome to the C-HR Festival

Under the banner “Tomorrow, today”, the C-HR Festival presented innovative and creative intellectual pioneers who have long made this principle their own and who gave inspiring insights into the exciting and extraordinary projects of protagonists from all over the world. C-HR was held as an event to network innovative and creative minds from many sectors and businesses who felt free to share their ideas, visions, and experiences in an impressive ambience, the venerable department store Jandorf in Berlin-Mitte. One express wish was direct contact between visitors and speakers.

The content and structural design of the festival was planned and realised in only eight weeks. This involved the thorough reorganisation of over 4000 square metres. On location: many inspiring places. A popup canteen with daily changing specialities by young Berlin chefs, a café, a bar, a coworking space, and two Tilt Brush 360° VR experience arenas. Access to “Outta Space”.

The basement was the scene of constantly changing exhibition areas designed by young contemporary artists. The highlight: an eight by six metre light installation titled “Paradise Baby” that became the city’s Most Shared Art Item after just a few days. Right next door, a sound design studio and the Overflow project installation that together provided the surround for the secret star of the festival – the Toyota C-HR, the name giver, sponsor, and initiator, whose look also deferred to the fascinating content of the festival with characteristic Japanese modesty and humility.

And now, the stage is set for the premiere of the C-HR Festival

For over two weeks there was partaking of brainfood, also literally – while visitors were tasting the refreshing cuisine, fascinating speakers shared their experiences with visitors at lunch time. The afternoon saw experienced workshop trainers present an indepth insight into design, technology, fashion, sustainability, innovation, and creation.

That evening, the Jandorf became the city’s hot spot. A daily changing stage programme provided an exciting and contagious mix of performances by the most exciting newcomers like the synthpop band Roosevelt and the DJ performance artist Verena Wii and hosted art, design, and fashion presentations by artists like Tony Spyra, Doppeldenk, Tizian Baldinger, Tronje Thore van Ellen, and Elizabeta Porodina.

In just a few days, thanks to multi stage, extensive communication measures in the form of printed adverts, flyers, radio cooperation projects, city banners, and below the line, ambient media, digital, and influencer campaigns, the C-HR Festival became the hot tip of the hip Berlin scene. And it was precisely this scene that induced even the most seasoned speakers to take extraordinary measures.

Over 4 terabytes of motion picture content, 70 films, nearly 4,000 photos, and a daily working press department that also supported the numerous influencers disseminated the C-HR festival through all of the relevant channels and reached over 75 million contacts in only two weeks. A myriad posts on Facebook and instagram did the rounds within a highly specific target group and, besides attracting over 7,000 visitors, also distilled nearly 6,000 qualified leads with a perfectly positive attitude to the Toyota brand, the new, innovative, and creative mobility concept “C-HR”, and its motto: Tomorrow, today!