C-HR Festival wins next award

 marbet wins Automotive Brand Contest in “Event” category

The C-HR Festival – a two-week creativity and innovation festival celebrating the market launch of the new Toyota C-HR – met with an overwhelmingly positive response due to its progressive brand communication concept, which targeted industry-relevant opinion leaders by regarding interdisciplinary input and creative output as constituent elements of the creative design process.

This holistic concept, which had already won the Golden Award of Montreux, received another prize in the “Event” category of the Automotive Brand Contest.
“This new award proves that the innovative approach taken in our strategic preparation, which included both content and room design concepts, hit a nerve in the world of effective and sustained brand communication,” explains Simon Stahl, Creative Director at marbet Düsseldorf.

The Automotive Brand Contest is the only international design competition for automotive brands. It has developed into an important industry event in just a short period of time. With this competition, the German Design Council honors outstanding product and communication design, highlighting the essential importance of brands and brand design in the automotive industry. The competition focuses on the holistic and consistent use of the brand across all media and products.