He who has a goal ist ready to set off.
He who has a message is already in his way.

There are only a few world stages on which economic history is premiering today. China is one such stage. This raises the question of who wants to rank among the performers and protagonists. A country with such enormous potential as that of China has room for many enterprises. Besides market presence, the permanent visibility of a company also plays a leading role. This includes a row of activities, of which local live communication is one of the most effective business strategies. It’s all about personal contacts and clear messages in a country that, with its millennia-old culture and new achievements, has already embarked on the road towards a great future. marbet China accompanies you on your road of success to this promising market.

People. Brands. Messages.

marbet is at home in many countries. As part of the international Wuerth Group and as an independent event brand, marbet enjoys the trust of many of the company’s decision-makers worldwide. We bring people, brands and messages together in special circumstances. Our specialist expertise lies in events and incentives. Why not browse through our references?