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Unimog Tour 2017

marbet took 30 Unimog on a road trip all over Germany

Almost 6000 kilometers, biting cold, icy hail, torrential downpours and searing heat under a relentless sun, accompanied by flying wood chips and loud engine noises – the journey of 30 Unimog and about 50 people across Germany on the 2017 Unimog Tour was just as multi-faceted as the Unimog itself.

Nine stops with different space and size requirements were passed in only five weeks. The main goals were giving people the chance to experience the brand and conveying specialist product expertise.

Throughout the tour, marbet was entrusted with the development of a concept, planning, visualization, project coordination and support for the participating Unimog partners as well as the on-site organization, which was supported by the Unimog crew, drivers and technicians. Every event location had a mixture of specialist demonstration and emotional show in store for the visitors: Interesting presentations from internal and external speakers, which were specifically geared towards the audience’s interests and applications, were accompanied by product demonstrations by equipment manufacturers and the Unimog sales team in the “Arena for Professionals”.

The highlight for most of the around 300 visitors at every stop were the dynamic vehicle presentations where the efficient performance, product advantages and versatile applications of the Unimog as ultimate multi-purpose vehicle were highlighted in impressive demonstrations. In one demonstration, a Unimog expertly crossed an almost 100 % grade mobile ramp.

“What makes this tour so special is its live character and the experience of being really close to the vehicles,” explains Karsten Fuchs, Head of Communication at Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks. “Our mission for this year’s tour was once again exceeding the results of the last tour. The positive feedback from all visitors shows that we succeeded in doing just that together with marbet.”

“We were very happy to again have the opportunity to collaborate with Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks. This confirms their satisfaction with our work in the past,” says marbet managing director Ingo Schwerdtfeger. “We were more than willing to take up the challenge of taking the 2017 tour even further. We again managed to create unforgettable moments and establish the tour as a sustainable product and brand experience with passion, creative ideas, smooth project management and a professional implementation.”