The ADAM & EVA Award 2012

The Oscar for this sector, event highlight of the year for 1,500 event makers, creative minds, customers, partners, agencies, etc.


An award that increases the reach and longing, tightens the links between the sectors, set in an entertaining and stringent scene, that is financed to nearly 100% by sponsors and partners, that is geared to the strategic realignment “One FAMAB”, and that at the same time duly values both submitters and sponsors.


We reduce the Award to the essential: … the Award itself. An integrated, purist event, spatial, and design concept. The Adam & Eva Award 2012 is the motto at centre stage, when marbet coordinates and acquires 93 sponsors and partners and integrates them in the overall concept. The sponsors provide a volume of €1.4m. In return, they receive their own lounges, brandings, press ties, and the attention of the guests.


We develop all new Award elements. This audience award energises the sector, makes it the jury, and integrates it in the show. The “roving reporter” becomes the communication link to the audience. It provides insights behind the scenes, enlightens the guests, calls upon their active participation, and becomes a networking basis in the social media. At the after show party, the guests with their iPods themselves become DJs.

From the idea to the award … Adam & Eva 2012:

Entertaining, charming, state of the art.





Rosengarten Mannheim


Sector Award Ceremony




Golden Award of Montreux, Gold Medal in the Events category