marbet coorganised Q2 launch in Germany.

When a new vehicle is launched, it is vital that the “New”, the “Special”, and the “Incomparable” is communicated in a correspondingly new, special, and incomparable setting. For the November 2016 launch of the new Audi Q2 in Germany, the live communication agency marbet was commissioned with the full package of event logistics.

The most important assignment: All prevailing barriers and thought patterns had to be dismantled. Something new should be born that has never seen its like.

The solution: Nothing remained unaffected. There was a complete overhaul – and reinvention – of the locations, the evening events, and the traditional crafts of trade fair fitting, installation, and catering. The outcome was a roadshow in four cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich. Each of these locations played host to creative entertainment and individual concepts that appealed to and attracted the urban, lifestyle oriented scene hipsters of the city. With #poolposition in Berlin, #durchlauferhitzer in Hamburg, #passtpartout in Cologne, and #halsüberhopf in Munich, the brand with the four rings reached a huge number of thrilled guests and organised a great many test drives.

Local labels like “Katermukke” and “Stil vor Talent” rocked the Audi target group until the early hours of the morning. Star musicians and other international artists thrilled the visitors with unforgettable performances.

Ralph Herrmann, marbet board member: “We have created something completely new with this project. Nevertheless, the “untaggable” tagline proved the greatest challenge. How can we set highlights that are so fascinating that words fail to tag them? In other words, how do we find a generic that can name this event, for instance in social networks? That’s why we opted for guerrilla tactics at clubbing events in unusual off locations, and not at the classical venues. One outcome was that guests could experience the events in unique surroundings. On the other hand, the service providers and partners were faced repeatedly with new challenges and tasks during the preparatory and implementation phases.”